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Exchange Programs

Exchange Programs:

P & S now maintains student exchange programs with four overseas medical schools. These electives are arranged through the P & S Office of Student Affairs. Interested students apply directly to the Assistant Dean for Student Attairs, P & S 3-401, Tel. (212) 305-1612, or email Stephanie Molholt sam69@columbia.edu

The Deadline for applications for all of these programs is May 1, the year prior to the elective. Because the elective at Flinders University of South Australia has just recently been approved, applications for Spring of 1999 will be accepted through early 1999

These electives count as "TIME AWAY"

EXO1B P & S/St. Bartholomew's and the Royal London School of Medicine and Dentistry
Four and eight week elective period periods may be arranged for Spring. This counts as "time away." No stipend - but free accommodations may be provided for a limited number of students during February. For more information you may visit their web site at www.mds.qmw.ac.uk/.

EX02F P & S/University of Paris Student Exchange
Five students per year for a two-month elective period. This counts as "time away." Stipend of $2000. Fluency in French required.

EX03Y P & S/Yerevan State Medical University Student Exchange Program
Two students per year for six to eight week electives. Room and board are provided but no stipend. Students must provide own air-fare but can apply for a grant from FAR.

EX04A P & S/The Flinders University of South Australia School of Medicine Exchange Program
Three to four students per year for a one -- two month elective period during the Spring. For more information you may visit their web site at www.flinders.edu.au.

Two other exchange programs agreements are in the process of being created. One is with the Nepal Medical College and Teaching Hospital. The other program is with the University of Padua in Italy. For more information you may visit the Padua University web site (Italian language) at http://www.unipd.it/, or view a shorter English language description of their medical school program at www.unipd.it/esterni/wwwerasm/medyca96.html.

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