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Center for the Study of Society and Medicine Electives

Externship Program in Human Rights and Medicine:

This Externship Program is a two month selective available to fourth year medical students at the College of Physicians & Surgeons of Columbia University. It trains a cadre of young physicians to advance human rights and medicine. Under its auspices, students join medical humanitarian organizations that provide health care to people whose ethnic, religious, or political status excludes them from existing services. Participants learn that medicine is a liberal discipline that flourishes most when expression is free, human rights are fully protected, and civil society is advanced.

Additional information on this program is available on the Externship's Web site at: http://cpmcnet.columbia.edu/dept/cssm/extern.html, or by contacting Alyssa Cohen: apc21@columbia.edu (212)305-5710.

For more information about The Center for the Study of Society and Medicine, visit their web site at: http://cpmcnet.columbia.edu/dept/cssm

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