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All our clinicians are trained in women’s health care. We offer routine gynecological exams; evaluation and treatment for gynecologic symptoms or problems; contraceptive and pregnancy counseling; education and evaluation for sexually transmitted infections; and self-care advice.
  • Please be sure to schedule your routine gynecological exam when you will NOT have your period.

  • Appointments are scheduled by calling 212-305-3400 during the hours SHS is open or via the web portal.

Getting birth control at the Student Health Service

The Student Health Service is able to dispense several contraceptive pills on site. For those students who have the Aetna Student Health Insurance Plan, a 3 month supply is available without a copay. For those with other insurance, these pills can be purchased from us. The available pills are Caziant (generic Cyclessa), Reclipsen (generic Desogen), Gildess 1/20 (generic Loestrin 1/20) and Gildess 1.5/20 (generic Microgestin 1.5/30). If you would like to utilize this service, please see one of our nurses or clinicians to discuss your prescription.


If you have not received a prescription for birth control from us before, or if you would like to start on birth control, please schedule an appointment with one of the clinicians to review your options. You will also need to have had a gynecological exam within the past 3-5 years. Please get a copy of the results of your last exam to have on your Student Health record. If it has been longer than 3-5 years since your last exam, all of our clinicians are experienced in women’s health and will be happy to see you.


Intrauterine Device (IUD) and Implanon Insertions at the Student Health Service


The Student Health Service is able to offer intrauterine device (IUD) and Implanon insertions at the Student Health Service. Please schedule an appointment with one of our clinicians to discuss the options available.

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