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Under the Student Health Insurance Plan, underwritten by Aetna, we are your "gateway" to the specialty resources of the Aetna network. When you are living within 50 miles of CUMC, you MUST have a referral to seek specialty care for the Aetna insurance to reimburse you.
  • You may receive routine obstetrical care and routine - not symptom-related - gynecological care without a referral. However, if s/he suspects a non-routine problem, please be sure to get a referral from the Student Health Service (SHS).

  • Please consult with a Student Health Service clinician when you have a problem that you believe requires a specialist. You may be surprised at what we can do for you within the Student Health Service itself! We also offer certain specialty services on site, for example, gynecology and nutrition counseling, and are experienced with common dermatological problems, including acne.

  • If you are seen in the Emergency Room and are then referred to a specialist, you MUST come to the Student Health Service for a referral to that specialist before seeing him or her.
When we do refer you to specialists, we will continue to work with you, so that the specialist evaluation leads to your optimal care both inside and outside the Student Health Service.


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