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Columbia University Medical Center no longer provides Aetna with your Social Security Number for identification purposes. In lieu of this, your Columbia Personal ID number is used. Your Columbia University ID number begins with a C and is followed by 9 digits. It can be found by logging in at with your Uni.
  1. Click on Academic Profile.

  2. Be sure you choose the option to show your personal information.

  3. The number is the Columbia PID number.

  4. To enter Aetna NavigatorĀ® go to:

  5. Click on Students (top menu bar). Then find your school. The school number is 812835.
  6. On the Columbia University Medical Center website, click on Aetna Navigator and follow the steps below:
  7. Click on FOR MEMBERS
  8. Click on Aetna NavigatorĀ® Member Website
  9. Scroll Down and click Register for Aetna navigator
    a. If you are a returning user then sign-in as you normally would
    b. If you are a first time user then please register
Enter Aetna Navigator by replacing the ´C´ in your C number with a 3. Use this modified number (10 digits) to register. You can then print a temporary insurance card, check on claims processing and access other valuable health information.
  • Please note, your Aetna Health Insurance ID Card will not include your Columbia University ID Number. Rather, for privacy purposes, it will include a randomly assigned number (which begins with a ´W´). If you are a returning student, your ´W´ number will remain the same as prior years.

  • If you need to fill a prescription and do not have your card, the pharmacist can verify coverage if you know either the ´C´ number with the ´C´ replaced by 3, or the ´W´ number generated by Aetna.

    Please contact Aetna Customer Service: (877) 409-7366 if you need further assistance.


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