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   SHS Service Fees 2014/2015
Student only: $1,176

Student + Spouse or Domestic Partner: $2,352

Payment of the Student Health Fee entitles you to SHS services from August 17, 2014 through August 14, 2015.

The SHS fee is in addition to the health insurance costs.


Payment of the Student Health Fee covers the costs of all routine services provided in SHS, including visits to physicians and nurse practitioners, mental health services, on-site specialty care, health promotion, and necessary immunizations.

You will be charged separately for:
  • Laboratory tests. If you have purchased the student health insurance plan, the cost of most laboratory tests is covered by your insurance and the charges will be billed directly to Aetna. If you have other health insurance, you will receive a bill for laboratory charges and you can submit that bill to your private insurance carrier for payment.

  • Imaging procedures and other diagnostic tests. The hospital will file charges for imaging procedures and other diagnostic tests with your insurance carrier; depending on your insurance plan, you may be responsible for some percentage of these costs.

  • Prescription drugs. If you have the student health insurance plan, you can obtain prescription drugs at pharmacies that participate in the Aetna network by making modest co-payments. If you have other health insurance that covers prescription drugs, you should follow their required procedures and use their preferred pharmacies.

  • Health care, including mental health services, received outside SHS. Your Student Health Fee does not cover the costs of health care received outside SHS. You must have health insurance - either the CUMC student health insurance plan (Aetna) or equivalent coverage - to cover those charges. To use Aetna's network and access the benefits of the student health insurance plan, you must have a referral from an SHS provider for any care received outside SHS.
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