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   Enrollment Information
  • All full-time and part-time CUMC students are eligible to enroll in the Student Health Service.

  • Students who enroll in SHS may also enroll their spouses and domestic partners in SHS.

  • Enrollment in SHS is required in order to enroll in the Student Health Insurance Plan.
  • Full-time CUMC students are required to enroll in the Student Health Service and pay the SHS fee. (Part-time students are encouraged but not required to enroll.)

  • All CUMC students are required by the university to carry health insurance that meets certain criteria. Click here to see criteria
  • Students must demonstrate comparable coverage to waive the CUMC sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan.

  • Enrollment in the Student Health Insurance Plan requires enrollment in the Student Health Service as well.
Pre-Registration and Immunization Requirements

Please read or download our Pre-Registration Brochure, which outlines immunization and other health requirements for each of the schools and programs.

For insurance questions, visit the Insurance section of our website, the Aetna website, (School number 812835), or contact at 212-305-3206 or

For immunization or pre-registration questions or requirements, email us at or 212-305-3400.
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