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   Director's Letter
Dear Student,

The Student Health Service (SHS) at Columbia University Medical Center welcomes you!

The staff of SHS is here to serve you. We offer primary care, mental health, and preventive health and wellness services for men and women and trans students, which are tailored to the particular needs of those entering the health professions. A clinician is also on call 24/7 for health emergencies whenever the SHS is closed. We strive to be a model of compassionate, high-quality health care for the diverse Columbia University Medical Center community.

In addition to meeting your clinical needs with easily accessible care, we are one of your important resources for occupational health, including needlesticks, preventive medicine, and wellness education. To find out more about SHS and the services and resources we offer, please explore our website.

Please make an appointment with us if you have any health questions or concerns, as well as for your recommended health maintenance and preventive care (for example, blood pressure checks or routine gynecological examinations for women).

We look forward to working with you during your time at Columbia University Medical Center.


Melanie J. Bernitz, MD, MPH
Executive Director, Student Health Service
Columbia University Medical Center




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