Connecting to Health Sciences Curriculum Resources via Outside Internet Providers

The curriculum resources located at are restricted to either access from on-campus computers, via dialup to the Columbia modem pool, or Columbia students who access them using an outside ISP with login and password.

To obtain access using outside ISPs:

You MUST get into the resources via the 'Health Sciences Curriculum' link on the Student page:

If you are using an external ISP, you will be asked for your Columbia Cunix ID and password (regular email login and password).

Some problems we have encountered:

1. Access using Internet Explorer on a Mac may give an error message "cannot connect to proxy server" - you must use Netscape in these cases. Netscape can be downloaded free from the Netscape site or obtained for $5 from the Audiovisual Circulation Desk on the 2nd floor of Hammer Health Sciences library (it is on the regular Acis connection software CD)

2. Using Internet Explorer (on either Mac or PC) may give an error 'certificate out of date', or 'certificate expired'. In this case you must renew your certificate; instructions for doing this can be found at: Again, it is highly recommended that you use Netscape and do this.

Please notify me at if you encounter any other problems. Access from outside has only been implemented recently, and we would like to iron out any other difficulties.


Yalini Senathirajah