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    Insurance Plan Options

    For the 2017-18 academic year, CUMC students have a choice of levels of coverage under the Aetna Student Health Insurance plan: Gold 85% and Platinum 100%.

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    Support after attack in lower Manhattan

    CUMC’s Student Health Service (SHS) team is deeply saddened by the tragic event in lower Manhattan

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    Executive Order on Refugees and Immigration

    We are here to listen and support you as our nation works through this transition.

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    Our Commitment to You

    We provide a full range of primary care medical services, mental health services, and health promotion and wellness services. The role of our clinicians is to offer confidential and supportive...

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    Center for Student Wellness E-Newsletter

    Are you new to CUMC?  Keep up to date on wellness happenings by subscribing to our weekly email.

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    Wellness Days @Columbia

    Wellness Days

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    Pet Therapy

    The Center for Student Wellness (CSW) is thrilled to see our Pet Therapy program getting media coverage.

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    CUMC Students with Families

    Are you a student with a family or growing family?

    If so, we maintain a Google Group to facilitate sharing of resources and to create a community in which you can exchange tips, ideas and...

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    Nutrition & Technology

    Check out tips from CSW for improving eating habits along with the digital apps and online tools. 

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    Advanced Access Scheduling for Medical Services

    The CUMC Student Health Service uses an Advanced Access scheduling system for medical services. This model does not include scheduling for Mental Health or Wellness appointments.