Hours, Contact and Directions

Hours of Operation

Medical Services:

Monday  - Thursday: 8am - 7pm

Friday: 9am - 4pm

Insurance & Administrative Services:

Monday  - Thursday: 8am - 5pm

Friday: 9am - 4pm

Center for Student Wellness:

Monday - Wednesday: 10am to 7pm

Thursday: 10am to 6pm

Friday: 10am to 5pm

Addiction Information and Management Strategies (AIMS):

Monday - Thursday: 9:30am - 5:30pm

Mental Health Service

Hours by appointment


To make an appointment, use the online portal or call (212) 305-3400.

For students registered at the Morningside Campus (116th Street), please visit Columbia Health.  For students registered at Barnard College, please visit Barnard Health Services

By Telephone:

(212) 305-3400 (all services and emergencies)

By Fax:

(212) 342-3955 (Primary Care Medical Services)

(212) 305-2176 (Preregistration)

(212) 342-3947 (Administration, Billing & Insurance)

By Email:

For appointment questions: studenthealthservice@cumc.columbia.edu

For billing and insurance questions: shsinsurance@cumc.columbia.edu

For preregistration: shsregistration@cumc.columbia.edu

For complaints, concerns or feedback: shs_feedback@cumc.columbia.edu


If you would like to provide feedback on a Student Health Services staff member or service, please use our brief online form. You can provide your contact information for follow-up or provide anonymous feedback. Alternately, you can email shs_feedback@cumc.columbia.edu.


Medical Services: 60 Haven Avenue, Lobby Level

  • When you enter the building, turn to the right after you pass the Security Desk. The Student Health Service medical office is located in the first hallway on your left.

Insurance & Administrative Services: 60 Haven Ave, Tower 1: Third Floor, Suites 3D, 3E

  • To reach our administrative and insurance offices, turn right at the Security Desk and go down the hallway to the next lobby. Turn left to reach the elevators and go to the 3rd floor. The administrative and insurance offices are located in Suites 3D & 3E.

Mental Health Services: 60 Haven Ave, Tower 1, First Floor, Suite 1D

  • To reach our Mental Health Service offices, turn right at the Security Desk and go down the hallway to the next lobby. Turn left to reach the elevators and go to the 1st floor. The Mental Health Service offices are located in Suite 1D.

Center for Student Wellness: 50 Haven Ave, Bard Hall, Suite 107

  • Make a left into Bard Hall after passing the security desk. The CSW offices are on the left.

AIMS (Addiction Information & Management Strategies): 50 Haven Ave, Bard Hall, Suite 105

  • Make a right into Bard Hall after passing the security desk, and make a left into the corridor before the second elevator bank. The AIMS office is at the end of the corridor on the right.

USPS Mailing Address:

Student Health Service - CUMC
630 W. 168th Street, P&S Box 77
New York, NY 10032


For packages or Federal Express deliveries, P.O. Boxes may not be used.

Please address to*:

Student Health Service - Columbia University Medical Center
60 Haven Avenue, Lobby Floor
New York, NY 10032

*Accepted only between 8 am and 5 pm

Please note that our mailing address and location are NOT the same.