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Support after attack in lower Manhattan

CUMC’s Student Health Service (SHS) team is deeply saddened by the tragic events in lower Manhattan

As domestic and global violence and hatred continues, you may be feeling scared, outraged, sad, alone, or nothing at all: just numb. The recent attack may resonate with your own history or that of someone you know and spark any number of feelings including anger, fear, sadness, powerlessness and vulnerability. The Office of University Life has shared thoughts and recources on their page

Support is available and if you are concerned for yourself or for someone else, please reach out to us. Mental Health Services  and the Center for Student Wellness  are accessible through our Make an Appointment page or by calling 212-305-3400 at any time of the day.  

Making time for self-care can also help. For many of us, self-care includes reaching out to trusted friends and family, taking care of our bodies (making sure we are sleeping and eating well, being physically active), and being mindful of how much media we consume, particularly about the event and its aftermath. Identify what helps you feel better and do those things. See below for ideas on taking care of yourself and engaging with others:


Care for Self and Others