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Mental Health Services (MHS) offers a range of groups. Some are time-limited while others are open-ended; some focus on learning specific skills, others on providing a safe environment to explore difficult feelings and experiences. Those interested in joining a group should contact the group facilitator to schedule a confidential individual meeting to discuss your participation further.

Mosaic: A Process Group for Women of Color

This weekly process group addresses a series of issues specific to individuals who self-identify as women:

  • Relationship difficulties
  • Identity concerns
  • Navigating emotions
  • Coping with racial discrimination/marginalization
  • Life balance

For more information, or to register, please see our flyer or contact Dr. Mica McGriggs The group is offered every Tuesday, 5:30-7 pm.


This weekly group run through CUMC Mental Health Services is for any CUMC students who are interested in having a supportive, confidential space to discuss experiences such as:

  • coming out
  • transitioning concerns
  • navigating relationships with family
  • intersections with religious, racial, cultural, ethnic, and other identities
  • managing professional issues, colleagues and supervisors, and work/life balance
  • relationship issues, developing and maintaining healthy relationships
  • sexual health and empowerment
  • experiences with privilege and oppression

For more information or to set up a screening, please see our flyer or contact Dr. Sam Klugman at The group will run Tuesday evenings from early February to May.

Understanding Self and Others

This weekly process group offers a space for students to share personal experiences, practice providing and receiving interpersonal feedback, and create authentic relationships. Topics may include:

  • Relationship and family dynamics
  • Identity concerns
  • Academic and work issues
  • Work-life balance

For more information please see our flyer or contact Dr. Matthew Poon at There are two different sections of the group: one offered Thursday 5:30-7 pm and one offered Friday 12-1:30pm.

Connecting Through Loss: Loss, Grief, and Loving Someone Who Is Seriously Ill

This monthly group is for students for students who have lost a loved one or are currently struggling with the severe illness of someone they love. The group will offer a space for shared reflection and problem solving. Some common experiences may include:

  • I’m worried about overburdening others
  • I’m exhausted from keeping it together
  • I just want to talk to someone who understands
  • There’s no space for all my feelings
  • How do I manage my relationships with family, friends, peers, professors, patients?

For more information please see our flyer or contact Dr. Claire Haiman at The group is offered once a month on Wednesday 5:30-7 pm.