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Insurance Plan Options

For the 2018-19 academic year, all CUIMC students will have a choice of two levels of coverage under the Aetna Student Health Insurance plan: The 90 Plan (formerly known as the Gold 85 Plan) and the 100 Plan (formerly known as the Platinum 100 Plan). All CUIMC students will be automatically enrolled in the 90 Plan unless they elect to upgrade to the 100 Plan, or waive the Aetna Student Health insurance plan.

During the open enrollment period, from August 1- September 30, 2018, all CUIMC students are required to log into the Health Insurance Enrollment/Waiver and take one of three steps: and take one of three steps:

  • Confirm enrollment in the 90 Plan
  • Upgrade to the 100 Plan
  • Waive the plan after having met the necessary criteria for 2018-2019

Students who do not take one of these actions will automatically be enrolled in the 90 Plan.

Before making your selection, please carefully review the plan highlight to compare the benefits for both levels of coverage for both in-network and out-network services. Find links to fees, FAQ's and more on our Insurance and Administration page.

If you have questions about our new insurance plan offerings, please contact a member of the Finance & Administration team at