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Executive Order on Refugees and Immigration

As Columbia President Lee C. Bollinger stated in his January 2017 email, “With the executive order issued by President Trump barring admission to the United States of Syrian refugees and imposing a 90-day ban on all immigrant and nonimmigrant entry from seven Muslim-majority nations, the fear so many have had about federal policies being changed in ways that could affect our community has become disturbingly real.” 

[UPDATED 9.7.17] Read the statement from the Office of University Life on Supporting Our DACA Students and note their resource For DACA Recipients and Undocument Students.

The January 27th executive order immediately impacts our students and the whole of the CUMC community.  See President Bollinger's full January 27, 2017 response here. 

See Columbia's joining with other academic institutions on an Amicus Brief Opposing Executive Order on Immigration and Refugees here.

See President Bollinger's March 6, 2017 email to the CUMC community in response to the Second Executive Order on Refugee and Immigration Policy here.

Support is Available 

The Office of University Life is coordinating access to legal immigration sessions for international students with visa questions as well as students who are undocumented or DACA recipients. Through their website, The International Students and Scholars Office has shared guidance on visa processes and entry to the United States.

Mental Health Services is offering a group, forming now, to provide emotional support and coping strategies for students who are impacted by the order.

In addition to those directly impacted by the executive order, we recognize that many people are struggling with the impact of the election, the tone of the national discussions, or may be experiencing negative treatment, threats or more subtle forms of oppression because of their race or ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious affiliation, country of origin or other aspect of their identity. We are here for you and encourage you to access any or all of the resources available to CUMC students:


Supportive Considerations and Additional Resources

At this time of heightened emotions, please note the considerations below and additional online resources:

  • Sustain your normal routine and engage in supportive activities. Take care of basic needs such as eating, sleeping, drinking water, playing, and laughing. Incorporate activities that recharge you and relax you every day.
  • Acknowledge your feelings.
  • Focus on tasks or events that are in your control and take actions in specific and mangeable ways.
  • Connect with friends, family, a community, or safe space to ground and support you.
  • Explore options for mindfulness and meditation practice.
  • Monitor your media use—check your reactions before and after taking in the information; set time limits.
  • Opt out of unproductive conversations. Pay attention to whether the discussion is going to benefit anyone or just increase stress levels.

Navigating Political Views with Friends and Family

Some students have also expressed concern about having conversations with friends and family who have political views and/or reactions to the election that differ from theirs. Below, find links on how to approach conversations that might feel challenging:

SHS thanks student contributors from Health Equity for Black Lives and P&S Wellness Representatives.