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CUMC post-doctoral fellows may enroll in the Columbia Student Health Insurance Plan. It is important to be aware of the strengths and limitations of the Student Health Service (SHS) and the Columbia Student Health Insurance Plan as they pertain to your healthcare needs, before you choose to enroll. You will incur costs if you seek care outside of SHS without prior authorization. Most visits outside of SHS require a referral from SHS.

Each post-doc wishing to enroll in the SHS should come to or contact the SHS with a completed Post-Doctoral Health Insurance Enrollment Application. The same form is submitted for re-appointment of a fellow.  This is done one month before the end date on the initial enrollment.

All payment for the insurance period indicated on the enrollment form must be paid in full at the time of enrollment. According to IRS Regulations, insurance coverage for post docs paid for through the department is considered to be taxable income and will be reported on the fellow’s W-2 or 1099 at the end of the year. If an individual fellow requests installment payments, this must be done through the department and an account provided at enrollment to the SHS for the full cost of individual and dependent enrollment.

Early termination of the fellow requires one month’s notice (ie, termination before the date indicated on the original enrollment form). This is required for any refund of funds to occur.  The early termination date section is found on the Enrollment form. Fill out and submit to the SHS one month before termination.  Departments who do not notify SHS of a fellow’s termination will be responsible for all insurance charges incurred.