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Navigating Stressors


Arts and crafts aren’t just for kids. Crafternoons are a time for you to channel your inner child, find your flow, and spend some down time with other CUMC students.
Supplies and directions are provided, just show up with a positive attitude and some creative energy. Supplies are available on a first come, first served basis and while we hate to do it, sometimes we need to limit each person to one creation.

Get your DIY on at one (or all!) of the below Crafternoon sessions:

Fall and Spring Plantings (September and April)

Time to get green! Pot a plant, give it some love, and watch it grow all year round.

Make Your Own Snack Containers (September)

Bedazzle a Tupperware container to fill with any combination of party mix, nuts, and dried fruit. Why stop the fun there? Refill the container all year long for a convenient and delicious on-the-go treat.

Decorating Pumpkins (October)

What’s Halloween without some Jack O’ lanterns? Decorate a mini-pumpkin using feathers, Sharpies, stickers, or (our favorite) googly eyes. It’s a ghoulishly great time!

Blankets for Seniors (November)

Warmth and gratitude all wrapped up in a fleece blanket, this Crafternoon session is in partnership with the Perspectives on Aging (Mailman). You’ll create a fleece blanket and homemade card for seniors living in a shelter in this wonderful way to give back during the season of “thanks”.

Make Your Own Snow Globe (December)

Decorate the perfect stocking stuffer or seasonal desk decoration for you or a friend!  Add winter characters to a globe; add a dash of glycerin and a pinch of glitter; then seal and shake for a homemade snow globe that will brighten your winter season.

Fleece Scarf Making (January)

Take on chilly temperatures and make a fleece scarf. All it takes is a pair of scissors and the ability to tie a knot to make one of these fleece scarves that’ll help keep you warm in the NYC winter. 

Affirmation Undergarments (February)

Choose an undergarment and pick  clever sayings and images to iron on to create a body affirming garment.  Plenty of designs to please all. 

Terrarium Making (March)

What’s a terrarium, you say? Build your own and add a fantasy character or two for a magical scene. 

Have a stellar idea for a craft, or want to help us lead a Crafternoon? Shoot us an email at We occasionally partner with student groups on Crafternoons as well.

Pet Therapy

Unwind with little Wynston the Yorkie, Ely the Irish Wolfhound, Bella the Havenese and Kinje the Yorkie/Havanese mix at our Pet Therapy sessions, offered several times each month in the lobby of Bard Hall. Through our community partners, Bideawee and The Good Dog Foundation, these adorable canines bring smiles and unconditional love. Our program has also be been featured in the March 2015 issue of the Association of American Medical Colleges' AAMC Reporter. A big thank you to our pet therapy partners!