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Wellness Appointments

What are they?

Totally free & confidential, Wellness Appointments provide you with a solution-based approach to address personal, academic & professional concerns. We'll help you strategize, prioritize, problem solve, and develop an action plan targeted toward your individual concerns. Visits are confidential - we will not report the names of visitors and will not act without permission, except in cases of imminent serious risk to individual safety, or if required by law.

How can they help?

Wellness Appointments can help you tackle any range of issues.  The top reasons students visit us relate to academics, romantic and other relationships, navigating stressors, and concerns about others. We offer a welcoming environment free of judgment to help you develop and leave with a personalized action plan detailing a menu of options for making the changes you desire, including the option for follow-up or other resources.

Who provides them?

Our Director, Jane Bogart, EdD, MCHES, and Assistant Director, Justin Laird, PhD are available for Wellness Appointments. With backgrounds in health promotion and health education and extensive experience in higher education, they can provide guidance with general and academic stress, relationships, physical activity, sexual health, communication, time management, and much more. They frame the work with a thorough understanding of positive psychology, mind-body health, and complementary care.

When are they?

We encourage you to email us to set up a Wellness Appointment. Of course, if you stop by and our door is open and we have the time in our schedule, we would be happy to meet with you. Select make an appointment for scheduling options.

What if I am away on rotation or studying abroad?

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Skype Wellness Appointments are available for CUMC students who are away on Clinical Rotations or studying abroad. 
To schedule a Skype Wellness Appointment:  Email and provide your Skype username and availability (please give us several options). We will reply within 24 hours to confirm your appointment time and provide our Skype username.

*Please note: We have no control over Skype and thus cannot guarantee the security of Wellness Appointments conducted via Skype. You can read more about Skype Security including what you can do to protect your privacy here.