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Yoga and Meditation


We continue to partner with student groups and administrative units on special events and other opportunities to practice. Email us for details on these opportunities. Subscribe to our weekly Wellness Update for reminders about the most current offerings and registration links.

Stay turned for updates on our fall 2018 classes.

Please also complete the CSW Yoga Waiver in order to participate in the yoga class, and bring your ticket and CUMC student ID to check in. Please note that you must register on Eventbrite and fill out a waiver for each class you intend to take.

Campus, Community, and Online Resources

In addition to our offerings on campus, we have created a list of Yoga and/or Pilates studios in the neighborhood, options at Bard Athletic Center on campus, and online Yoga and Pilates programs for you to explore.

Yogiando NYC* (New!)



Take a break and get a neurological boost with one of our 20- minute meditation sessions. Meditating a few minutes a day has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety, increase focus, sharpen memory and improve multi-tasking skills. Read up on the benefits of mindfulness and give it a try at home or join us for one of our weekly guided meditation sessions: 

Mondays: 5:30-5:50pm | Bard 101

Wednesdays: 12:05-12:25pm | Bard 101


(Check CSW's weekly newsletter for updates to the schedule).