Yoga and Meditation

Yoga for Students

We partner with student groups and administrative teams on special events for students. Email CSW for details on these opportunities. Subscribe to our weekly e-newsletter for reminders about the most current offerings and registration information.

Campus, Community, and Online Resources

In addition to our offerings on campus, we have created a list of Yoga and/or Pilates studios in the neighborhood, options at Bard Athletic Center on campus, and online Yoga and Pilates programs for you to explore.

Yogiando NYC* (New!)



Take a break and get a neurological boost with one of our 20- minute meditation sessions. Meditating a few minutes a day has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety, increase focus, sharpen memory and improve multi-tasking skills. Read up on the benefits of mindfulness and give it a try at home or join us for one of our weekly guided meditation sessions*:

  • Mondays: 12:05-12:25pm | 100 Haven, 3rd Floor, Center for Student Wellness
  • Tuesdays: 12:05-12:25pm |  Hammer Health Sciences Library (HSC) Knowledge Center
  • Wednesdays: 12:05-12:25pm | 100 Haven, 3rd Floor, Center for Student Wellness
  • Thursdays : 4:00-4:20pm | 100 Haven, 3rd Floor, Center for Student Wellness

*Please note that late arrivals can disrupt the flow of practice—if you happen to miss the start time, please do join us for another session, or we're happy to lead a one-on-one meditation in our office by appointment!


Be sure to check CSW's weekly e-newsletter for updates to meditation schedule. Head over to our Meditation and Mindfulness Wellness Resource page for more resources.