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Crafternoons offer a space to channel your inner child, find your flow, work with your hands, and spend some downtime with other CUIMC students. We provide supplies* and instructions - you provide creative energy!  Get your DIY on at one (or all!) of our Crafternoons this year:

*For some Crafternoons, we limit each person to one creation. Feel free to visit near the end of the event for the opportunity to make another. 

Fall and Spring Plantings (September and April)

Time to get green! Pot a plant, give it some love, and watch it grow all year round.

Make Your Own Snack Containers (September)

Bedazzle a Tupperware container to fill with any combination of party mix, nuts, and dried fruit. Why stop the fun there? Refill the container all year long for a convenient and delicious on-the-go treat.

Decorating Pumpkins (October)

What’s Halloween without some Jack O’ lanterns? Decorate a mini-pumpkin using feathers, Sharpies, stickers, or (our favorite) googly eyes. It’s a ghoulishly great time!

Cozy Cup Sleeves (November)

As the leaves start to fall, a warm cup of your favorite beverage can be really comforting. Make a resuable felt cup sleeve for your hot drink of choice, and get wrapped up in sweater weather!

No-Sew Handwarmers (December)

Keep your hands and pockets warm as the chill sets in—these rice-filled handwarmers also make great gifts for the holidays. 

Air Plants (January)

Bring back some earth and green into your life with a hardy, NYC-apartment-approved air plant. These plants don't need soil to grow and minimal water, just a mason jar and some creativity!

Affirmation Pillowcases (February)

Choose an undergarment and pick clever iron-on sayings and images to create a body-affirming pillowcase.  Plenty of designs to please all. 

Crafterpalooza (March)

As the cold starts to thaw, join us for a free-for-all afternoon of creativity. We'll provide all the supplies to inspire the crafter in you!

Have a stellar idea for a craft, or want to help us lead a Crafternoon? Shoot us an email at We occasionally partner with student groups on Crafternoons as well.