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Patient Resources

The Department of Rehabilitation and Regenerative Medicine has outpatient clinics in four NY metropolitan area locations, including Westchester County.

Please call or email for more information about seeing a provider at one of our convenient locations.

Office Hours:

Monday-Friday: 09:00am-5:00pm

*Some providers offer extended morning/evening hours.
**Same day appointments are often available for acute musculoskeletal injuries, back and neck pain. Please check with your insurance plan to see if a referral is required.


Contact Information:

MRI Authorizations:

Brangy Garcia
Phone: 212-342-3850

Billing Inquiries:

Martha Ortiz
Phone: 212-305-8787

Medication Authorizations:

Connie Ryu
Phone: 212-305-7621

Injectable Authorizations:

Crisleyda Rosario
Phone: 212-305-3620

Medical Record Requests:

CUIMC Health Information Management
Phone: 212-305-8255

To Send Medical Records to your Provider:



Connie Ryu, RN
Phone: 212-305-7621

Anna B. Marks, RN
Phone: 212-305-7621

Appointments and General Inquiries:

Phone: 212-305-3535