Research Training

During the second research year, the fellow has access to a wide range of investigative problems and technologies in clinical investigation, cell and molecular biology, and immunology in ongoing programs throughout the Medical Center.  The project and mentor are chosen with the advice of the most senior members of the Division during the first year, and the entire second year is devoted to acquiring the necessary technology and pursuing the project.  The fellow is expected to present his or her investigation results at a national meeting and prepare a manuscript for publication.  Areas of focus include Immunology/Inflammation; Lung Biology; Asthma; Transplantation; Pulmonary Fibrosis; Ezcema; Environmental Health Sciences; Autoimmunity; Urticaria.

Additional research experience is often needed both to qualify for faculty appointment and to bring interesting projects to fruition. When the quality of performance during the second year suggests special aptitude for development in this direction, we will offer further post-doctoral experience and resources while supervising the fellow's application for independent support.