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P&S Students Work to “Remedy” the Situation

The CUMC chapter of Remedy, a nonprofit organization that recovers unused hospital supplies for redistribution to needy countries, recently supplied several first- and second-year medical students with basic medical supplies to take to clinics near their spring break destinations. Students visiting the Bahamas, Mexico, Brazil, Honduras, Ghana, South Africa, and England each took care packages packed by Remedy. The club hopes to distribute additional supplies when many of the first-years travel again this summer.

Remedy also continues to work with international organizations that have local contacts and redistribution networks abroad. These organizations help Remedy by covering shipping costs. While continuing to provide hospital supplies to groups offering aid to South American and African countries, Remedy recently started working with Millennium Promise, a nongovernmental organization led by Jeffrey Sachs, Ph.D., director of the Earth Institute, which strives to achieve the Millennium development goals designed to end extreme poverty. Remedy at Columbia is providing medical supplies to the district hospitals of the Millennium Villages.

Although under new student leadership, the club continues to be overseen by Edgar Housepian, M.D., professor emeritus of clinical neurological surgery. Contact Remedy by sending email to Jon Hatoun at