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RICHARD B. ROBINSON, PH.D., professor of pharmacology, has been appointed associate dean of graduate affairs. In his new role, Dr. Robinson will oversee the graduate programs and Office for Graduate Affairs and will sit on the Executive Committee of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences to ensure the success of campus scientific enterprises. Dr. Robinson served as director of the graduate program in the Department of Pharmacology from 1989 to 2005, while at the same time conducting his own research on the regulation of cardiac ion channel expression and function by development and disease. He also is a collaborator on a project with Columbia and Stony Brook University scientists to explore the use of gene and stem cell therapies as alternatives to electronic pacemakers to treat cardiac rhythm disorders. Dr. Robinson succeeds RICHARD KESSIN, PH.D.,

JEANINE D'ARMIENTO, M.D., PH.D., assistant professor of medicine in the divisions of molecular medicine and pulmonary medicine at CUMC, has been appointed associate dean for gender equity and career development for the College of Physicians & Surgeons. Among Dr. D’Armiento’s responsibilities in her new part-time position will be to implement recommendations from the Task Force on Women Faculty – created to identify issues facing female faculty at P&S – and to foster a climate of support and development for all faculty. In addition, she will work to increase the number of women at each rank of the college and the amount of female representatives on college committees and to develop a salary equity tracking system. Dr. D’Armiento also will develop an infrastructure for mentoring and skills development for all faculty.

GERARD KARSENTY, M.D., PH.D., has been named the new chairman of the Department of Genetics and Development. Dr. Karsenty has made major contributions to the understanding of the genetics and cell biology of degenerative bone diseases. He was the first to demonstrate connections between bone metabolism, energy metabolism and the autonomic nervous system. Dr. Karsenty is editor of several major journals, including Endocrinology, Bone, Journal of Cell Biology, Developmental Cell, and Cell Metabolism. Dr. Karsenty comes to CUMC from the Baylor College of Medicine where he was professor in the department of molecular and human genetics. Frank Costantini, professor of genetics and development, has been acting chairman of the department since January 2001.

BETH ISRAEL, long-time executive director of the Office of Projects and Grants, has been appointed the first associate vice president for post-doctoral affairs. In her work at the new university-wide Office of Post-Doctoral Affairs, Ms. Israel will create a centralized operation to meet the needs of the university’s approximately 1,250 fellows.

JANE TSAMBIS has been named the first associate vice president for research administration, overseeing the functions of the CUMC Office of Research Administration and the Office of Projects and Grants at Morningside. Ms. Tsambis has been associate vice president for research at CUMC since 2005.