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Erin Mastagni

Erin Mastagni

Though dire hurricane predictions for New Orleans had been forecast in the past, New Orleans resident Erin Mastagni and her family never had to flee their home. Hurricane Katrina was different. With two fellow students from the Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, Ms. Mastagni headed to a Houston hotel for three days, while her parents escaped to the home of a cousin in Florida. The hurricane destroyed her family's home, cars and possessions.

Eventually Ms. Mastagni – a second-year student working toward a master's degree in health administration – began to think about her academic future. Using the web service on her cell phone, Ms. Mastagni participated in a program that matched displaced students with universities. When Mailman came up as a match, Ms. Mastagni decided to attend and was invited to stay at the home of Judith S. Jacobson, Dr.P.H., assistant professor of clinical epidemiology. She enrolled in four classes. "The people at Mailman have been sympathetic and eager to reach out and offer help in any way they can during this very, very difficult time," Ms. Mastagni says.

The P&S students are in their third and fourth years at Tulane University School of Medicine.