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By responding to the In Vivo Reader Survey you'll help us learn whether we are meeting the needs of our Columbia University Medical Center readers. We welcome your feedback.

Reader Survey Questions

1) Please rate how well you think InVivo covers the medical center schools (P&S, the School of Nursing, the Mailman School of Public Health, the School of Dental and Oral Surgery, and the Graduate Program)
   very well   not well    fairly well

2) How often does InVivo increase your awareness of what is going on in the various schools and programs?
   always    sometimes    never

3) How often do you learn about some new area of research from InVivo?
   often    never    sometimes

4) How often do you read something in InVivo that you didn't know about before?
   every issue    every other issue    once in while    never

5) Do you find InVivo interesting?
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6) How would you improve InVivo?