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Better Signage Coming to Campus

CUMC and NYPH are working together to enhance their shared Washington Heights campus. A wayfinding and signage program will be unveiled in the coming months that should improve and enhance communication with visitors, patients and students, brighten the appearance of the campus and neighborhood and better guide vehicular and pedestrian traffic.
   Over the next few months, there will be new signs in public areas, on highly traveled streets and campus arrival points, and on ground floors of all hospital, university and shared buildings. The full program, which will be implemented over the coming year, includes: New campus map; vehicular and pedestrian directional signs; 30-foot pylons (illuminated posts with building identifiers) outside major entryways; banners identifying the university and/or hospital; freestanding signs in front of major public buildings on campus; and directional signs, directories, and consistent room identification signs in ground floor lobbies/hallways.
   A new map of the campus that clearly depicts buildings, streets, and important campus landmarks is available at: