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Columbia President Lee Bollinger, Provost Alan Brinkley and the Trustees have approved a $2 million initiative from the Professional Schools’ Diversity Council to help diverse junior faculty develop scholarly profiles to become eligible for tenure. Departments can apply for funds for research grants to support the scholarly work of untenured colleagues.

The CUMC recipients and their projects: Luisa Borell, Ph.D., D.D.S., M.P.H., assistant professor of epidemiology and assistant professor of dentistry, to investigate health disparities within Hispanic communities; George Jenkins, D.M.D., assistant professor of clinical dentistry, to start research into the triage population at the College of Dental Medicine to allow for better needs assessment of the community being served and the identification of health problems associated with particular populations; Kathie-Ann Joseph, M.D., assistant professor of surgery, to determine what biological mechanisms impact breast cancer recurrence and survival rates in African-American women; Naa Oyo Kwate, Ph.D., assistant professor of sociomedical sciences, to research the health effects of residential racial segregation or mixed living areas on minority health; Peter Muennig, M.D., M.P.H., assistant professor of health policy and management, to research qualitative properties of stress and how prestige affects the stress response; Miguel Munoz-Laboy, M.P.H., Dr.PH, assistant professor of sociomedical sciences, to investigate sexual risk behaviors among bisexual Latino women and men; Gustavo Palacios, Ph.D., assistant professor of clinical epidemiology, to further his research on the importance of environmental triggers in individuals genetically disposed to disease, especially the role of viruses in the development of type-1 diabetes mellitus; Dean Preddie, M.D., assistant professor of clinical medicine, for a pilot project on home dialysis in preparation for establishing a home hemodialysis program at Columbia; Carlos Rodriguez, M.D., M.P.H., assistant professor of clinical medicine and clinical epidemiology, to research cardiovascular disease in Hispanic populations; Diana Romero, Ph.D., assistant professor of population and family health, to conduct secondary analyses of the National Survey of Family Growth to explore social and economic status as it relates to sexual and reproductive health and family growth; Ilyas Washington, Ph.D., assistant professor of ophthalmic science, to launch research on age-related macular degeneration; Patrick Wilson, Ph.D., assistant professor of sociomedical sciences, to examine situational factors that promote high-risk sex among HIV-positive men who have sex with other men.

Lee Goldman, M.D., executive vice president, was awarded the 2007 John Phillips Memorial Award by the American College of Physicians (ACP) at the college’s annual medical education meeting in San Diego in April. The award is bestowed for outstanding work in clinical medicine, including all phases of clinical research or the practice of medicine. The award was established to honor Dr. Phillips, the late governor and regent of the ACP.

Jessica Kandel, M.D., associate professor of surgery, has been elected a member of the American Surgical Association. She joins others from the department who are already members.

Jennifer Levine, M.D., M.S.W., a pediatric oncologist and medical social worker, has been named an CureSearchAflac Young Investigator in Adolescent and Young Adult Oncology for 2007-2009.

Jeffrey Lieberman, M.D., chairman of the Department of Psychiatry at P&S and director of the New York State Psychiatric Institute, received the 2007 Adolph Meyer Award at the American Psychiatric Association (APA) meeting in May. The award is APA’s highest honor. Dr. Lieberman received the award for his stellar and outstanding contributions to the advancement of psychiatry through research.

Panos Papapanou, D.D.S., Ph.D., professor of dentistry and director of the Division of Periodontics, has been elected councillor of the Periodontal Research Group of the International Association of Dental Research.

Brian Scully, M.D., professor of clinical medicine and infectious diseases and Lucien Coté, M.D., special lecturer in neurology, Gertrude H. Sergievsky Center, have been chosen by CUMC’s Society of Practitioners to receive its 2007 Distinguished Practitioner Awards. The awards were presented at the society’s June meeting. Both were honored for their clinical expertise, contributions to clinical medicine, and the inspirational roles they have played for clinicians and students.

Peter Shapiro, M.D., associate professor of clinical psychiatry and associate director of the Psychiatric Consultation/Liaison Service at NYP, has received the 2007 Bakken Award from the Bakken Heart-Brain Institute of the Cleveland Clinic.