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CUMC Faculty Podcasts Available
CUMC faculty are innovators not only in research and clinical care, but in how they communicate with the world. Podcasts – online audio stories heard on a computer or uploaded to a personal MP3 player – have featured media interviews with some of CUMC’s renowned experts. For your summer listening enjoyment, check out these podcasts:

   Eric Kandel on memory:
     Also, Dr. Kandel’s Scientific American podcast is at: (scroll to May 24)

   Wafaa El-Sadr on 25 Years of HIV/AIDS: Jun/hour2_060206.html

   effrey Lieberman on psychiatric drugs: 2006/ Jun/hour1_060906.html

   Wahida Karmally on food additives:

   Sharon Akabas on fat:

   William Schechter on anesthesia:

   David Resnick on allergies:

   Van Mow on tissue engineering: RegenMedToday_008_Apr2006.mp3

   Jeffrey Sachs on sustainable development: (scroll down to March 3)