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MELVIN L. MOSS, D.D.S., professor emeritus of dentistry, former dean of the College of Dental Medicine and professor emeritus of anatomy and oral biology at P&S, died June 25, 2006. Dr. Moss’ visionary leadership is widely considered to have shaped the school that exists today.
   Dr. Moss was a 1946 graduate of Columbia’s dental school, and after service in the Army Dental Corps and a brief period in dental practice he returned to Columbia for his Ph.D. in anatomy, specializing in physical anthropology. He joined the Columbia faculty in 1952 and was known as an outstanding teacher of human anatomy to generations of medical and dental students. A prolific researcher, Dr. Moss’ work on the theoretical basis of craniofacial growth and development received international recognition.
   Dr. Moss’ appointment in 1968 to lead the dental school initiated a period of renewal and new directions. Under his leadership, the school received more resources for strengthening dental education through investment in facilities and faculty recruitment.
   Dr. Moss also made significant changes to the curriculum, creating a basic science core in the first year, dental science core in the second year, clinical training in the third, and electives in the final year. Under his leadership students were encouraged to join faculty research projects as summer research fellows. He also oversaw the creation of the divisions of Growth and Development, Preventive Dentistry and Community Health, and Dental Auxiliary Utilization and Practice Management.
   Dr. Moss is survived by his wife, Letty Moss-Salentijn, D.D.S., professor of dentistry and senior associate dean at CDM, two sons, Noel and James, and a granddaughter Kristina.