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Dear Colleagues and Students,

Change can be both exciting and challenging. The lead story in this issue introduces our senior staff members, particularly our operational team, and provides perspective on the roles they are undertaking to support Columbia University Medical Center. Some are new faces; others have been with us for some years. What all share is a common commitment to service, responsiveness, and fairness as we work together to make this a great and friendly place.
   Among the most crucial first steps will be a new financial model that is transparent, principled, and designed to encourage success, both individually and for the larger CUMC community. Talented faculty and staff are the lifeblood of our institution; new initiatives in human resources and talent management will strive to create an environment where people will enjoy working and will be dedicated to helping our patients, our students, and each other. Our senior staff cannot do this alone. To paraphrase, it will take a medical center – the shared values and determination of all of us, faculty, staff and, yes, even students, to weigh in and contribute. Technology, communications, and integrated planning will also be critical to help us fully realize our potential for a user-friendly, performance-based environment.
   Success is measured in many ways at academic medical centers, including the traditional scales evaluated in rankings reports. But other more subtle measures of accomplishment occur daily, as staff solve problems and help patients, faculty, and students. We must all do our best to create a culture of cooperation and service. In this goal, as in all others, we must continuously strive always to be “indisputably in the top five and arguably the best.”
   I hope in the coming weeks to be able to acknowledge more from our community who are helping Columbia live up to her promise.