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Resource for Genetic Research Expands

Are you looking for a place to extract and store DNA from blood samples? Or do you need advice in designing a genetic study?
   The recently expanded Human Genetics Resources Core – known for two decades as the Genome Center/DNA Tissue Culture Repository – is now available to all researchers at CUMC who perform genetic research in human populations. The Core offers three types of services: cell and DNA banking, database management, and data analysis.
   Technicians in the cell and DNA repository can isolate DNA from blood and saliva; store DNA, blood and serum; create and store permanent lymphoblastoid cell lines; and prepare DNA samples for genotyping experiments. Samples can be maintained and stored for decades, providing investigators with quality data for long-term projects. Researchers who use this service will soon have control of their samples through a secure portal on the HGRC Web site. Through this portal, researchers will be able to gather valuable information on the quantity and quality of their DNA samples, allowing them to plan the next steps of their projects.
   The Core also offers researchers a HIPAA-compliant software system, Progeny 6, which manages all laboratory and clinical data. Progeny 6 links family and clinical data, allows updating, provides remote access to multiple researchers, and has built-in data integrity checks. Researchers can access the system from their own computers to enter and analyze data, or create pedigrees. An experienced group of genetic analysts is available to assist in the design and analysis of genetic studies.
   For more information, contact Vincent Santana at 212-305-6342, or go to