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Sherry Glied, Ph.D., professor and chairman of health policy and management at the Mailman School of Public Health, has been named to the U.S. Congressional Budget Office panel of health advisers.

Peter Green, M.D., professor of clinical medicine and director of the Celiac Disease Center at CUMC, will receive two awards in May: The 2007 Mentors Research Scholar Award from the American Gastroenterological Association Foundation and the Master Endoscopist Award from the American Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy at the 2007 ASGE Crystal Awards.

Dawn Hershman, M.D., assistant professor of medicine and co-director of the Breast Cancer Program of the Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center, has received the 2007 Advanced Clinical Research Award in Breast Cancer from the American Society of Clinical Oncology.

Jeremy Mao, D.D.S., associate professor of clinical dentistry, received the 2007 Iwao Yasuda Award for his contribution in the areas of stem cells and regenerative medicine, as well as mechanical modulation of skeletal growth.

Richard Mayeux, M.D., Gertrude H. Sergievsky Professor of Neurology, Psychiatry and Epidemiology and co-director of the Taub Institute for Research on Alzheimer’s Disease and the Aging Brain, has been awarded the 2007 Potamkin Prize – a premier neuroscience prize – for his research on Alzheimer’s disease. Dr. Mayeux was honored for his work showing that Alzheimer’s likely results from a complex mixture of altered genes and environmental factors. Dr. Mayeux also received a $3 million grant from the Merrill Lynch Foundation to support research on SORL1, a major new gene implicated in late-onset Alzheimer’s disease. Dr. Mayeux and colleagues at other institutions recently discovered this gene.

Eduardo Moioli, a postdoctoral fellow in the lab of Dr. Jeremy Mao, (see above) was selected as one of 20 early career scientists from the United States and U.K. to take part in a stem cell research program at Newcastle’s International Centre for Life in England.

Xuejun (Antonio) Xin, D.D.S., associate research scientist, is one of three winners of the 2007 Web Jee Young Investigator Award for his contributions in the areas of bone biology and bone biomechanics.

Ewig Awards
A second group of physicians has been chosen as “Ewig Awardees,” and will receive grants from the Ewig Clinical Education Endowed Fund. The fund is named for the late Thelma Ewig, a longtime patient of Ralph Blume, M.D., clinical professor of medicine. Ms. Ewig’s $9 million bequest, announced last year, supports clinical educators in the Department of Medicine, enabling them to devote part of their time to clinical education activities for students, house staff and fellows. One year awards to senior faculty: Sharon Wardlaw (endocrinology); Kenneth Prager (pulmonology); Hasan Garan (cardiology); Two year awards to mid-career faculty: Barron Lerner (general medicine); Brian Scully (infectious diseases); Three year awards to junior faculty: Paul Lee (general medicine) and Will Turner (general medicine).


Andrew Davidson, Ph.D., has been named executive vice dean of the Mailman School of Public Health. Department chairs, associate deans and directors of the school’s various centers will report to Dr. Davidson. He will oversee operations, finance and administration, academic and student affairs, and HR.

Alessandra Pernis, M.D., P&S’86, associate professor of medicine, was appointed P&S Advisory Dean in February. Dr. Pernis has taught each year of the curriculum, currently teaches second year in the immunology section of pathophysiology and is a preceptor in the third year Medicine clerkship. She serves on the NIH Summer Research Fellowship Selection Committee. Gwen Nichols, M.D., associate clinical professor of medicine, was the previous advisory dean.

Named Professorship

Gary Brittenham, M.D., currently professor of pediatrics and medicine and director of the Pediatric Hematology Research Training Program, has been appointed the James A. Wolff Professor of Pediatrics.