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Weekly Events
Wednesday, March 12
1 p.m. Library Class. Doug McAndrew, "Photoshop." Library Computer Center, HHSC Second Floor.
4 p.m. Dept. of Medicine Faculty Research Seminar. Dr. Silviu Itescu, "Characterization and Use of Human Adult Bone Marrow-derived Progenitor Cells for Cardiovascular Disease." Atchley-Loeb Conference Room, PH 8E.
4:30 p.m. Taub Institute Seminar. Dr. Douglas Galasko, University of California, San Diego, "Biological Markers as Aids to the Diagnosis and Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease." Pathology Fenoglio Library, PH 15.
Thursday, March 13
Noon. Environmental Health Sciences Seminar. Dr. Jose Russo, Chase Cancer Center, Philadelphia, PA, "A New Paradigm in Breast Cancer Prevention." Humphreys Auditorium, VC 14-240.
Noon. Library Class. Mark Sealey, "Composer." HHSC Lobby After Hours Study Room.
3 p.m. Tobacco Seminar Series. Dr. Ursula Bauer, N.Y.S. Dept. of Health, "Using Existing Data to Evaluate Tobacco Control Programs: Limits and Opportunities." NYSPI 6-602.
4 p.m. Biochemistry Seminar. Dr. Titia de Lange, Rockefeller University, "Protection of Human Chromosome Ends." HHSC 301.
4 p.m. The Center for Community Health Partnerships Seminar. Dr. Sherry Glied and Dr. Harris K. Lampert, "Covering The Uninsured: A National and Local Crisis." RBMS First Floor Conference Room 2. For more information visit
4:30 p.m. Pediatrics Seminar. Dr. Juan Pascual, "Glucose and the Developing Brain." McIntosh Conference Room, BHS 1-113.


Friday, March 14
7 a.m. Columbia Weill Cornell Vascular Surgery CME Course. "Vascular Disease 2003: Innovative Treatments for Challenging Problems: A Course for the Primary Care Practitioner." Grand Hyatt, Park Avenue by Grand Central Station. To register, call 212 305-0991.
1 p.m. Epidemiology Seminar. Dr. Wafaa El-Sadr, "MTCT-Plus: Making HIV Care and Treatment a Reality." PH 17-105.
1 p.m. Library Class. Elizabeth LaRue, "Endnote." Library Computer Center, HHSC Second Floor.
2 p.m. Bioethics Lecture. Dr. Lee Bollinger, "Affirmative Action and Diversity." BB Alumni Auditorium.


Saturday, March 15
8 a.m. CME Conference. "18th Annual Schizophrenia Conference: Schizophrenia: New Drugs, New Treatments, New Interventions." BB Alumni Auditorium. For more information call 212 305-3334 or visit


 Monday, March 17
10 a.m. Human Resources Administrative Training Course. Jean Evans, "Learn How to Select the Right Payment Instrument for the Right Occasion." PH 17-105. Enroll online at For information call 212 870-2708.


Tuesday, March 18
Noon. Institute for Cancer Genetics Seminar. Dr. Yi Zhang, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, "Role of Chromatin Dynamics in Gene Expression." RBMS Lobby Conference Room 1.
Noon. Neurology Conference. Dr. Juan M. Pascual, "Genetically Determined Motor Neuron Diseases." MHB 8-303.
Noon. Sergievsky Center/Movement Disorders Seminar. Dr. Elan Louis, "Essential Tremor." Sergievsky Center, PH 19.


Wednesday, March 19
4 p.m. Dept. of Medicine Faculty Research Seminar. Dr. Jeanine D'Armiento, "Pathogenic Mechanisms in Lung Disease." Atchley-Loeb Conference Room, PH 8E.


Thursday, March 20
7:30 a.m. Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery Lecture. "The 5th Howard W. Smith Lectureship in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery." Dr. Russell W. H. Kridel, Baylor College of Medicine, "Graduated Conservation Techniques in Nasal Tip Surgery." Lecture following is "Difficult Septoplasty and Septal Perforation Repair Techniques." Head and Neck Surgery Conference Room, HP 8.
9 a.m. Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center Conference. Dr. Sheila Collins, Duke University, "Signaling Pathways in Catecholamine-regulated Metabolism in Fat Cells: New Players in an Old Story." RBMS First Floor Auditorium.
Noon. Neurology Conference. Dr. Juan M. Pascual, "Unusual Excitability Diseases of Nerve and Muscle." MHB 8-303.
5 p.m. Ophthalmology Seminar. Dr. J. Samuel Zigler, Jr., National Eye Institute, "Medical Therapy for Cataract: The Need and Current Prospects." McIntosh Conference Room, BHS 1-113.
5:30 p.m. History of Science Lecture. Dr. Neil Schluger, "Tuberculosis and the Evolution of Science and Society." HHSC 401.


Saturday, March 22
8 a.m. CME Conference. "Headache Mini-Fellowship." Melville Marriott Long Island. For more information call 212 305-3334 or visit
8 a.m. CME Conference. "The 2nd Vincent J. Freda Honorary Symposium: Comprehensive Pregnancy Care: Obstetrics, Maternal Care and Prenatal Diagnosis." Continues through Sunday, March 23. Sheraton New York Hotel and Towers, 7th Avenue and 53rd Street. For more information call 212 305-3334 or visit


Monday, March 24
Noon. Columbia Center for Youth Violence Prevention Seminar. Dr. Ernest Jouriles, University of Houston, "Domestic Violence and Child Adjustment." Irving Center for Clinical Research, PH 10.
Noon. Library Class. Charlotte Nichols, "Excel I." HHSC Lobby After Hours Study Room.
Noon. Pharmacology Seminar. Dr. Jianmin Cui, Case Western Reserve University, "Mechanisms of Activation of Calcium-activated Potassium Channels." Pharmacology Library, BB 724.
Tuesday, March 25
Noon. School of Nursing Roundtable Discussion. Dr. Daniel Vasgird, presenter, "Center for Health Policy Roundtable Discussion: Columbia's University-wide Perspective on Research Integrity and Ethics." GB 321.
Noon. Sergievsky Center/Perinatal Development Seminar. Dr. Coleen Boyle, National Center for Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities, "The Changing Prevalence of Autism." Sergievsky Center, PH 19.
1 p.m. Library Class. Marina Chilov, "Web of Science." HHSC Lobby After Hours Study Room.


Wednesday, March 26
Noon. Library Class. Charlotte Nichols, "Excel II." HHSC Lobby After Hours Study Room.
2:30. Radiology Management Seminar. Dr. E. Stephen Amis, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, "Participation and Leadership in Professional Societies." Radiology Conference Room, HP 3.
4 p.m. Dept. of Medicine Faculty Research Seminar. Dr. Henry Ginsberg, "The Molecular Basis of Diabetic Dyslipidemia." Atchley-Loeb Conference Room, PH 8E.

Building Abbreviation Key
BB Black Building MHB Milstein Hospital Building
BHN Babies Hospital North NI Neurological Institute
BHS Babies Hospital South NYSPI New York State Psychiatric Institute
EI Eye Institute P&S Physicians & Surgeons Building
GB Georgian Building PH Presbyterian Hospital Building
HHSC Hammer Health Sciences Center RBMS Russ Berrie Medical Science Pavilion
HP Harkness Pavilion VC Vanderbilt Clinic