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"The necessity of joint efforts for the execution of any great and extensive design, the variety of powers disseminated in the species, and the proportion between the defects and excellences of different persons demand an interchange of help and communication of intelligence, and, by frequent reciprocations of beneficence, unite mankind in society and friendship."

Samuel Johnson: Rambler #104 (March 16, 1751)

Research, like all great efforts to which Johnson alludes, thrives in an atmosphere of help and communication. Here is our first effort to promote a sense of society and friendship by disseminating information. This is a complex place, but our hope is that In Vivo will make everyone more aware of the extraordinary accomplishments that happen every day within the Columbia Health Sciences community. We have every reason to be proud.

In Vivo will focus on topical issues in research, education, and patient care, and on the people who contribute in these areas. It also will include other topics of interest to the broad community, such as appointments, milestones, and awards. The goal is to provide information in a tone that appeals to sophisticated physicians and scientists but is also accessible to the lay public. This is not an easy job, and the editors and writers welcome your suggestions.

A calendar will be included that highlights important upcoming events. The calendar will be updated every two weeks. Please send notices of seminars and other newsworthy events to In Vivo by mail (P&S Box 37), by fax (305-4521), or by e-mail (

Our hope is to publish In Vivo every two weeks during the academic year. It also will be available on the web at

In Vivo, according to one dictionary, means "within a living organism." Certainly Columbia Health Sciences fits within this concept.

In Vivo is a work in progress. It will succeed only with your help, your interest, and your feedback. The staff may contact you about things on their minds. Please don't hesitate to contact them with your own interests, issues, and ideas.  

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Gerald D. Fischbach, M.D.
Executive Vice President for Health and Biomedical Sciences
Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences
Dean of the Faculty of Medicine