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In this issue of In Vivo, "Point of View" is taking its title literally and presenting photographs from members of the Columbia University Health Sciences community. The images are reproduced from the spring 2002 issue of Reflexions, the literature and arts magazine of the College of Physicians & Surgeons. The editors allowed In Vivo to reprint the photographs to spread the news about their periodical. Reflexions now is seeking literary and visual contributions for its 2003 edition. All staff, faculty, and students from the Health Sciences campus are welcome to submit entries. For more information contact Yo-El Ju'05, at, or Elaine Won'05, All staff, faculty, and students from the medical, dental, nursing, and public health schools also are invited to send contributions to the Point of View section of In Vivo about subjects in the news, healthcare, biomedical education or on topics about which the writer has a perspective he or she wants to share.

"H. Hudson Parkway, 6 minutes, 4 years."
by Ethan Bodle, P&S'04

"Sometime in my first year of medical school, I was standing on the roof of Bard Hall, lost in a homesick daydream of the redwoods and rolling hills of California, where I am from," Ethan Bodle says. "Looking down at the Henry Hudson Parkway, I realized I would spend at least four years living in the coils of this hissing concrete snake. The parkway, now, has taken a wider meaning than the annoying traffic one sees at first glance. For better or worse, it has become the sound and setting for every thought that plays out in my mind at the end of the day. I use abstract photographs to capture the important, but often elusive character of my surroundings."

"Stone Lion"
by Steve Poon, P&S'05

Steve Poon took this photograph in June 2001 when he was traveling through Hangzhou, China, with his father. Mr. Poon says that Hangzhou was one of seven capitals of ancient China and is known as paradise on Earth because of its beautiful scenery. The statue is in one of the gardens. The lion in Chinese mythology symbolizes good fortune and is a guardian against evil spirits.

"After the Smoke has Cleared: Lady Liberty"
by Michael Rosenbloom, P&S'04

"After photographing Ground Zero, the week following the collapse of the World Trade Center towers, I walked to Union Square and saw how New Yorkers were coping with the recent tragedy," Mr. Rosenbloom says. "Colored candles burned for the recently departed, a man strummed folk songs on his guitar, and Lady Liberty clutched the hand of a child. It was then, the first time after Sept. 11, when I felt there was hope."

"Unbroken ‘Broken Orange Pekoe'"
by Kiran Pandit, joint M.D.-M.P.H. student graduating in 2003

Kiran Pandit took this picture in August 2001 near Munnar in the state of Kerala in southwest India when a continuous monsoon mist soaked the Western Ghat mountain range. "The tea-leaf pickers inch their way across the rolling hills of the precisely manicured tea estates, some of the highest tea plantations in the world," Ms. Pandit says. "The workers pick only the young leaves, at the tips of the branches to make export-quality tea. The leftover small bits and pieces are sold locally as ‘B.O.P.' or broken orange pekoe."

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