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In Vivo, published twice monthly during the academic year and monthly during the summer by the Office of External Relations, covers the latest research advances and news at Columbia University Health Sciences.

Gerald D. Fischbach, M.D.  
Executive Vice President for Health and Biomedical Sciences, Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine
Glenn A. Peterson    
Associate Vice President for Communications
Bonita Eaton Enochs (212) 305-3877 edb3@columbia.edu
Assistant Vice President for External Relations and Director of Publications
Advisory Board    

Martin J. Davis, Dickson Despommier, Elia Desruisseaux, Vicky Evangelidis-Sakellson, Ruth Fischbach, Mindy Thompson Fullilove, Kristine M. Gebbie, T. Conrad Gilliam, Sherry Glied, John Grbic, Robert S. Kass, Richard Kessin, Kevin Kirby, Elaine Larson, Rudy Leibel, Andrew Marks, Tom Morris, Anke Nolting, Stephen E. Novak, Noah Matthew Raizman, Randee Sacks, Hilary J. Schmidt, Samuel C. Silverstein, Jennifer Smith, Susan G. Taylor, Ofra Weinberger

Editorial Staff
Robin Eisner (212) 305-2670 re25@columbia.edu
Science Writers:
Susan Conova (212) 342-0507 sc2100@columbia.edu
Matthew Dougherty (212) 342-0508 md2059@columbia.edu
Production & News Editor:
Aileen Moroney (212) 305-9089 am2106@columbia.edu

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