Remembering Julia Jones

J. Howland Auchincloss’45 has written an essay about his Bellevue mentor, Julia Jones, and he invites others who remember Dr. Jones to contribute their own recollections. Dr. Auchincloss, who had a prolific career as a pulmonary diseases specialist and researcher before retiring in 1992, also remembers others at the Bellevue Chest Service: Dr. J. Burns Amberson, Réjane Harvey’43, and M. Irené Ferrer’41. “These were people who changed my life, and I learned many skills which I took to Syracuse.” Dr. Auchincloss was on the faculty of SUNY Upstate Medical University in Syracuse for many years before becoming professor emeritus of medicine. Also board-certified in cardiology, he has published extensively in peer-reviewed journals throughout his career. He co-authored a 1957 paper, “The Acute Effects of Smoking on the Mechanics of Respiration in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Emphysema,” that was cited in the Surgeon General’s first report on smoking and health in 1964.

Read Dr. Auchincloss’ essay on Dr. Jones here.