Remembering Glenda Garvey

By Ainat Beniaminovitz’90

Glenda Garvey in 1988Glenda Garvey 1988Glenda Garvey 1988Glenda Garvey 1988Glenda Garvey 1988Remembering Glenda Garvey is conjuring an image of a slender woman with bifocals comfortably nestled at the tip of her nose and armed with a Montblanc pen in her hand. Her long slender white coat-draped body would move firmly and decisively between the beds of the very sick MICU patients. Driving the medical chart rack, the residents, interns, and nurses that comprised the entourage of the daily seemingly ritualistic rounds, she would pore over every detail critically essential to the survival of the patient and stellar education of the housestaff. A professor in the ID division, an intensivist, a healer, and an unrelenting teacher and mentor of housestaff and medical students, Glenda Garvey will always be remembered as the symbol of the P&S and CPMC residency experience. We salute you, Dr. Garvey!

Dr. Beniaminovitz was a resident at Columbia from 1990 to 1994. She is now a non-invasive cardiologist in private practice in Rockland County, N.Y.