New Chiller Plant

One of the most ambitious infrastructure projects at P&S this year has been construction of a new chiller plant on the roof of the Hammer Health Sciences Center. Since Hammer was built in the 1970s, chilled water has been provided from other buildings at the medical center.

For the past 15 years, Hammer received chilled water from a 3,200-ton chiller plant in the William Black Research Building. As cooling demands for both buildings increased, cooling problems grew for both buildings during the summer months. The new plant on Hammer is composed of steam absorption chillers, which use steam instead of the more typical electricity to produce cooling and air conditioning.chiller plant stacking

The result of the installation will be enhanced cooling capabilities during the summer and reduced impact by the medical center on the electric grid, saving money and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Steam absorption chillers will enable the medical center to avoid additional electrical load on the grid that more typical electric chillers incur.

chiller plant

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority recognized the project’s energy efficiency and provided a $486,000 grant to defray expenses. The plant was completed this fall.