Doris Duke Charitable Foundation Renews Support for Program at P&S

The Doris Duke Charitable Foundation’s Medical Research Program has renewed support for the Doris Duke Clinical Research Fellows program at P&S. The renewal provides $600,000 to continue the program for an additional two years as part of the foundation’s long-term goal to strengthen the pipeline of physician-scientists.

The clinical research fellowship program encourages medical students to enter clinical research by giving them firsthand research experience. Columbia and 11 other schools select at least five fellows per year to take a year out from medical school to participate in the program, which combines a mentored research project and coursework. P&S has been part of the Doris Duke Clinical Research Fellows program since its inception in 2001, enrolling between eight and 25 fellows each year. Of the 733 medical students who have participated at the 12 schools since 2001, 149 have participated at P&S, including the students enrolled in the 2010-2011 program.

P&S is one of six schools that offer both domestic and international research fellowships as part of the program. The international fellowships were added a few years ago after a P&S student submitted a request to conduct a fellowship in another country. For the next class of fellows, an average of two international fellowships will be awarded by each of the six participating schools.