The White Coat Ceremony, an annual tradition at Columbia’s College of Physicians & Surgeons since 1993, was held Aug. 15, 2011, for members of the P&S Class of 2015. The class includes 10 students selected for the elite Columbia-Bassett Program.

Bard Cosman’55 was an artist during medical school and after, sculpting “until the day he died” at age 52, says his son, Bard Cosman’87.

The P&S Alumni Association hosts several Alumni Council dinners throughout the year and the annual Parents’ Day, when families of students come to campus to learn about the medical school experience. The March 2011 council dinner honored Robert Lefkowitz’66.

P&S produces more neurologists and neurosurgeons than any other American medical school, according to two 2011 studies by non-Columbia researchers. Columbia neurology and neurosurgery leaders discuss why P&S graduates gravitate toward academic careers in those fields.