For generations, siblings and children of graduates have shared the P&S experience at different times, but for the past two years 11 students have had siblings enrolled at the same time.

These four students who received prizes and awards at the 2011 P&S commencement were among the 65 graduates – more than half the class – who received honors with their M.D. degrees.

Rita Charon, M.D., Ph.D., first coined the term narrative medicine and is the field’s leading advocate. A master’s degree program and the P&S curriculum solidify the impact of narrative medicine on education of health care professionals.

He is only in his third year of residency, but Jacob Appel, a 2009 graduate of P&S, has a long educational history: medical and law degrees, four master’s degrees, and a Ph.D. degree under way. He also is a writer, teacher, and sometimes tour guide.