Scenes from a Reunion

Drs. Freeman and Quest

Outgoing Alumni Association president Donald O. Quest'70, right, passes the gavel to Neil J. Freeman'85

Gerald Thomson

Gerald E. Thomson, M.D., Hon'96, Honorary Alumni Day Chairman


Class of 1962 classmates

Friends from the Class of 1962: Courtney W. Brown, Fred L. Baker, and Thomas E. Allen at the re-graduation ceremony


Michael McDowell and Andrew Franzone

Michael McDowell'13 pinning a P&S "re-graduation" pin on Andrew Franzone'62


Anke Nolting and Peter Puchner

Dean of Alumni Affairs and Development Anke Nolting, Ph.D. congratulating "re-graduate" Peter Puchner '62


Don Quest

Donald O. Quest'70 with the P&S Alumni Jazz Quintet


Bruce and Erica Forester

Erica and Bruce Forester'65


Ken and Kareitha Forde

Kareitha and Kenneth A. Forde'59


Classmates, Class of 2012

New graduates and friends