A Future Doctor (or 2 or 3) in the Family


The 2010-2011 academic year at P&S had five sets of siblings enrolled, including one family with three members. They were shown in photos in the Spring 2011 issue (Page 8) of P&S (now Columbia Medicine). Two of the 11 students graduated in May 2011, but Fall 2011 saw the enrollment of two new sets of siblings, keeping the total number of students with siblings at P&S at 11. The newest pairings: Samuel Clark’15, who joins sister Abigail Clark’14, and Alexandra Coromilas’15 and Ellie Coromilas’15. Ellie is two years older. Both graduated from Columbia College (Ellie in 2009 and Alexandra in 2011), but Ellie took time off after college to finish pre-med courses and spent the past year doing research at Columbia. “Because Alexandra didn’t take time between college and med school, we ended up in the same class year,” says Ellie. P&S was the first choice school for both of them. Other P&S student siblings: David Bejar’13 and Susana Bejar’14 (Susana is one year older but took two years off before starting medical school); Ukachi Emeruwa’14, Iheanacho Emeruwa’13, and Ezinne Emeruwa’14 (Ezinne, who at age 20 when the photo was taken in March 2011 was the youngest student in P&S); and Mabo Imoisili’14 and Omoye Imoisili’14, who is only 14 months older than her brother (Ms. Imoisili originally was in the Class of 2013 but is taking an extra year to complete an MPH degree.)

Sam and Abby Clark
Ellie and Alexandra Coromilas
Emeruwa family
Mabo and Oye Imoisili