Famous Piano Returns From Rehab

By Peter Liou’13

piano before repairThe legendary Rachmaninoff piano finally returned home to Bard Hall in June 2011, after a nearly two-year hiatus. It was fully restored by Cantabile Piano Arts, a company in upstate New York that specializes in rebuilding old pianos. In addition to a brand new keyboard, action, pinblock, strings, and beautiful case refinishing, the piano had large steamroller wheels installed to prevent future mishaps from occurring in the future. (During a move in 2009, the piano collapsed, snapping off the pedal lyre and two of its legs.)
piano's new wheelsRestoration of the Rachmaninoff piano was made possible by generous donations from Clyde and Helen Wu, June Wu, as well as two anonymous donors on behalf of the Chinese Community Church of New York. Other significant contributors included Dr. Craig Smith, Dr. Stephen Nicholas, Dr. John Loeb, Dr. Andrew Franz, Dr. Jay Lefkowitch, Dr. Donald Quest, Dr. Robert Mellins, Dr. Joseph Tenenbaum, and Dr. Robert Sideli.piano repaired

Currently, the piano is maintained by the P&S Musicians’ Guild and is used for performances only. Monthly concerts are given by students and faculty members showcasing the piano. For more information about the piano or any performances, please contact Hanjay Wang, hw2384@columbia.edu.