From the Archives | March 2011

Arthur Purdy Stout at Delafield Hospital

Famed surgical pathologist Arthur Purdy Stout (P&S 1912), center, with his colleagues at Francis Delafield Hospital, 1951. Surrounding him are, from left, Drs. Mitchell W. Heinemann, Robert S. Totten, and Edith E. Sproul (P&S 1931). Delafield opened in 1950 as New York City’s municipal cancer hospital with a professional staff appointed by Columbia. After retiring as professor of surgery and pathology at P&S in 1951, Stout served as director of pathology and attending pathologist at Delafield until his second retirement in 1954. He died in 1967. Francis Delafield Hospital closed in 1976. (Photo courtesy of Archives & Special Collections)