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New in 2008: Triathlon Club

Triathlon Club
Triathlon Club
The P&S Triathlon Club was started in January 2008 by Jon Watling and Jun Mitsumoto of the Class of 2011. They had discovered their shared passion for the sport quickly, together having competed in more than 60 events. In January, there was already a buzz about doing triathlons within the first-year class.
    Between January and April, the club trained 10 students to race in their first triathlon. In total, 12 first years competed in the Bassman Triathlon in southern New Jersey. The feedback was highly positive and the club has continued to gain momentum. As of October 2008, the club has competed in four races and trained 14 first-time triathletes. There are also serious competitors in the club who have combined to bring home four first-place, one second-place, and two third-place age-division awards. We intend to keep the trophies rolling in.
    The Triathlon Club aims to provide a wide range of fitness and exercise opportunities to all P&S students. Racing is just the icing on the cake. The club stands firm in its belief that a highly active lifestyle is compatible with both a career in medicine and having lots of fun. Come join us!
— reported by Jon Watling'11 and Jun Mitsumoto'11 !
Concert Program    
"Musical Mondays"
with the P&S Musicians' Guild

Life at P&S is continually enriched by the prodigious musical talents of our students. “Musical Mondays,” the ongoing series of one-hour concerts held each month on a Monday evening in Bard Hall Student Lounge, is a regular showcase for our students who love performing. The musical offerings are as diverse as the performers, as indicated in the Dec. 8, 2008, program (left). The series is sponsored by the Department of Pediatrics. For further information about this series and other activities of the P&S Musicians’ Guild, contact the current co-chairs Richard Atkinson, Austin Chiang, and Matthew Piazza (all of P&S Class of 2011) through the P&S Club.
— reported by Richard Atkinson’11, Austin Chiang’11, and Matthew Piazza’11.

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