Map of Africa
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The countries in gold on this map represent the presence of programs organized through our remarkable ICAP — the International Center for AIDS Care and Treatment Programs based at the Mailman School of Public Health and carried out with the expertise of Mailman and P&S faculty plus dozens of dedicated staff members in New York and in Africa.
   When I visited ICAP sites in four African countries in November, I was moved by the dedication that Wafaa El-Sadr, her leadership team, and the program’s many in-country workers bring to their mission. ICAP is the kind of transformative venture that demonstrates our commitment to matching our vision, scholarship, and skills to medical and public health needs wherever they exist. ICAP’s new educational programs for P&S and other students will give even more Columbians a chance to participate in this worthy endeavor.
   Also in this issue you can read about P&S students who extend their education through service in Africa. Together, the articles provide an impressive portrait of just a few of the many opportunities our faculty, alumni, and students have to travel around the world. When they return with a renewed sense of dedication to our mission, we all benefit.
   If you prefer traveling to a different time period rather than a different time zone, you can take a trip to the 1870s, courtesy of alumnus and Columbia Trustee Ken Forde and professor Rich Kessin, who write about the first antiseptic surgery performed in America.

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