Donations of a Paper Kind

Donations of Materials to Archives
& Special Collections, 2006-2007

form Thai Pamphlet
Infant health forms in Spanish and Thai from the papers of international health expert Dr. Joe Wray.

A. Bernard Ackerman’62
A copy of the memoir of his internship, “A Year Without Peer: 1963-1964 in the Department of Dermatology of the Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center.”

John L. Pool’34
Papers, 1940-1978 (.16 cubic feet). Memorabilia documenting his distinguished career as a thoracic surgeon. Gift of the Pool family.

Anneliese L. Sitarz’54, professor emeritus of clinical pediatrics
Papers, c.1960s-2000, documenting her career as a pediatric oncologist (4 cubic feet). Gift of Dr. Sitarz.

Kristine M. Gebbie, Elizabeth Standish Gill Professor of Nursing, School of Nursing
Additions to her papers, c. 1993-2006 (1cubic foot). Records relating to her time as “AIDS Czar” and later as a nationally recognized leader in disaster preparedness. Gift of Dr. Gebbie.

John N. Loeb, professor emeritus of medicine
A copy of the first English-language edition of Otto Warburg’s “The Metabolism of Tumors: Investigations from the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Biology, Berlin-Dahlem,” (London, 1930), an important work by a Nobel Laureate.

Rustin McIntosh
Additions to his papers, 1918-1986 (1 cubic foot), mostly relating to his service with Base Hospital 116 in WW I. Included are typescript letters to his family; notebooks; photographs; memorabilia; records relating to the Base Hospital Association, including correspondence and copies of the unit’s newsletter, 1920s-1970s; biographical material; and a notebook he kept while director of Babies Hospital, 1932-1958, recording rounds, conversations, meetings with the head nurses, conversations with fellow faculty members, and meetings with the Board of Women Managers. Gift of the McIntosh family.

Ralph Schlaeger, late professor emeritus of clinical radiology
13 volumes from his library, 1824-1910, including W.C. Borden’s “The Use of the Röntgen Ray by the Medical Department of the United States Army in the War with Spain, 1898” (1900); Thomas Morgan Rotch, “Living Anatomy and Pathology: The Diagnosis of Diseases in Early Life by the Roentgen Method” (1910); and J.P. Maygrier, “Midwifery Illustrated” (1843). Gift of his estate.

Joe D. Wray
Papers, 1956-2005 (9.75 cubic feet). Papers of Wray, a former Mailman School faculty member. Includes correspondence, reports, reprints, teaching materials, notebooks, brochures, and ephemera largely relating to his career in international public health and maternal and child health in Turkey, Colombia, and Thailand. Gift of his widow, Beth Wray.

Department of Neurology
Dr. Lewis Rowland’s selected patient files while he was on the faculty of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, 1967-1973 (1 cubic foot).

New York-Presbyterian Hospital
Office of Public Affairs. Photographs and other illustrative materials used in hospital publications, 1978-2003 (40 cubic feet).

Madeline Munn Goodrich
Papers, 1980-2002 (4 cubic feet) documenting Goodrich’s work to reform the treatment of the mentally ill, especially those in the criminal justice system. The papers include much on her involvement with the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill. Gift of Madeline Munn Goodrich.

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